4 Growing Payroll Trends Likely to Continue in 2017 


Payroll service has modernized significantly within the last few years, thanks a lot in part to enhancements such as cloud processing, mobile devices, and new software that allows for better integrating payroll servcies with other HR functions. The next year is likely to bring even more advancement and change. 

Here are four payroll trends expected to keep growing in 2017: 

More Apps Allow Payroll Gain access to From Smart Devices 

Professionals and employees today often want to be able to access payroll data from wherever they happen to be–even if they are not at a pc. This has resulted in the creation of software that let both professionals and employees easily access payroll data. The number and capabilities of the apps will likely develop in 2017. The Paychex Flex mobile app, for example, includes a sole dashboard with all communications and products in one place for an employer. There’s the capability to open an email to a worker with a single touch, and remotely gain access to Payroll service with another. Employees meanwhile can gain access to their pay stubs and retirement username and passwords via their smart devices. 

Cloud-Based Payroll Continues to Expand 

Businesses have been increasingly moving their payroll to cloud-based services, meaning they are run on third-party servers and can be seen using any Web connection. This has somemajor advantages: Software gets regularly modified, data is supported, data entry is simplified, and gain access to from everywhere becomes possible, including through smart device apps. A 2014 Deloitte survey discovered that 14 percent of organizations got a cloud-based payroll service, while 26 percent more was agreat deal of thought. Chances are these amounts will rise by the finish of 2017. 

A Growing Concentrate on Data Security 

Data security of payroll information has turned into an organic matter as more payroll functionality happens online using various devices such as smartphones and tablets. A recently available AICPA survey found 50 % of the institute’s customers were using cloud-based accounting services, but many thought data security was a significant barrier standing in the way of adoption. The AICPA has been urging associates to go through due diligence with third-party providers, and also to ink agreements that guarantee possession and safety of worker information. More companies are going to be reviewing the data security protocols of the payroll service in the years in advance and looking for ways to ensure their data is guarded. 

Analyzing Payroll Data to Spot Trends 

Usage of data also starts up new choices for predictive analytics. For example, some companies have started using payroll and HR data to forecast which employees are most at risk of leaving their jobs, according to The Wall Streets Journal. Companies can also review payroll data to spot anomalies that may suggest payroll fraud, trends in hours performed, or overtime pay, which can help them make smarter decisions about individuals capital management. 

Employers have significantly more ways than ever before for managing and utilizing their payroll information and making it accessible to their employees. It is likely that 2017 will only bring more payroll service opportunities.



Payroll outsourcing Today – Four Reasons Why You Should Do It 


Millions are now considering payroll outsourcing for their small business. As more small businesses litter the field, it has become a necessity to consider outsourcing some of the day-to-day tasks. One such task is, of course, payroll and it can be quite an area to deal with. Payroll always presents a few issues simply because it’s a wide and quite varied field and, secondly, it’s a specialist area too. You absolutely need to know what you’re doing when it comes to payroll which is why outsourcing has become popular. However, why should you use this? Read on to find just four simple reasons as to why you should do it today.  

It Can Help You to Save Money 

First of all, you can find that outsourcing to be a great idea simply because it can help you to save a bit of money. Now, we are not talking thousands and you still have to pay the professional but in terms of other savers, they can be made. For example, you can reduce the amount of holiday pay you must pay out as well as sick pay. What’s more, there are a host of ways in which you can save simply because you don’t have a full-time employee on your hands. That’s a great little thing to come from outsourcing to payroll services Australia. It can be a little money-saver in places.  

You Don’t Require Office Space to House Them 

Another fantastic solution to consider has to be where you put the payroll team. Since they work remotely there is no real need to waste office space on them! That can save you so much and ensure you don’t buy a bigger office than is absolutely needed. This can be a real saver and really it’ll help keep clutter to a minimum. Payroll outsourcing truly does offer so many amazing qualities and you will find they work for you too. There has never been a better time to opt for outsourcing and it’s a simple but effective solution.  

You Can Hire the Very Best Payroll Services Australia 

Your business needs someone who can come into the business and work effectively and when you outsource, you can do just that. Hiring the best of the best is now very much possible and certainly something that will appeal to you also. Payroll outsourcing has never been easier and certainly it’s a useful element. Being able to hire the best now means you can hire someone half way across the country and still getting a top quality service. It’s fantastic! 

There’s No Need to Do It Yourself! 

Despite what you might think, payroll is not so much of a simple area to work within. You have to have real qualifications and training, otherwise it can go so wrong in little time. Do you really want to put your business at risk? Of course you don’t and, in truth, you don’t need to do payroll yourself. You can allow professional payroll services Australia to handle most things. This will allow you to concentrate on other things and it’s great. It’s one major reason why more are now choosing to outsource than ever before. 

Outsourcing Is a Good Solution 

Businesses can often forget that when it comes to payroll they need someone who can effectively deal with the necessary everyday tasks. They are not always so easy to deal with which is why hiring a professional is a must! You absolutely should consider hiring someone who knows what they’re doing and who can enhance the business. Payroll outsourcing is a good idea—don’t forget it! 

Helpful Tips When Buying Small Business Payroll Software 

payroll services

Whether you’re choosing payroll software or hiring payroll services, you can always run into a little trouble along the way. There has never been a harder time to start-up a business and for most, they don’t always think about payroll. However, when you have employees you really need good payroll service so that you can be sure you’ve got everything in good order. Read on to find a few helpful tips to consider when buying small business payroll software today. 

The Price Must Be Right 

Payroll software can vary considerably in terms of price and you must be aware of this beforehand. If you choose software that costs far too much to run then it’s going to be a little troublesome. Ideally, you want something that is affordable but that also offers great quality. This isn’t as difficult as you might think to achieve and there are lots of options to consider when it comes to payroll software. Its like when choosing new payroll services Australia, the costs have to be right. You absolutely need to ensure the costs are right here, otherwise you will spend more than you can afford or want. 

Look At the Various Features 

Next, you need to study the features of the payroll software and what you will need. If there are features missing you need then you know to look elsewhere. This is an important factor to remember to say the least as the wrong software may just set you back a lot of money. You really need to think about what you need and want so that the right software can be purchased. You wouldn’t choose a payroll service that was useless and it’s the same with software; it must offer the right features. When you find software with the right features, you’re onto a winner. 

Try It Out For A Few Weeks 

You might also find testing the software wear on a trial basis to be an ideal solution. If it’s possible, opt for the trial package so that you can see what the software has to offer and whether it’s suitable for the foreseeable future. If the software isn’t right, you don’t have to use it on a long-term basis. This can be an important element to say the least when it comes to payroll software and something you must do too. Payroll services Australia are the same, you can find testing things out to be more than helpful. You will be able to find suitable payroll software sooner or later. 

Buy the Best Payroll Software 

You might not think too much about it but payroll software is a must for most businesses today and it can be very useful to say the least. Yes, it can appear to be a very difficult thing to find but with a little help you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Choosing payroll software can be a good idea and certainly something you will find very useful too. Whether you’re looking for new software or a payroll service, always find the best. 


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